While i was in college i worked at little flower shop and i instantly fell in love with floral design. I LEFT NURSING SCHOOL AND DECIDED TO FOLLOW MY PASSION AND THE REST IS WELL..HISTORY. I made the jump to pursue floral design full time and it was the best DECISION i ever made. 

i love using floral as my medium to create and i love working side by side with my clients to desing based on their SPECIFIC PERSONALIties. from weddingS to EVERYDAY floral, i love to try new things and dream just a little bit bigger.  Contact us today to discuss your wedding, design your next special ARRANGEMENT, or just stop by our shop to take a peek and we look forward to working with you! 




I jumped head first with ashley when we decided to open this little floral shop. SIne the day we STARTED we have never stopped trying to grow and learn as a BUSINESS.  I have fallen in love with floral design  and enjoy all of the wonderful people we get to meet.

the floral industry is a lot more work than I ever thought possible. At the end of the day, i love the look on our clients faces and being able to work side by side with my fiance as we NAVIGATE through this wonderful life.