Should my Wedding Bouquet be all White?

Our most asked question… Should I do all white floral or add that pop of color? As wedding and event florists we get asked this question almost every week.  To be honest, we struggled as a couple deciding this while we were planning our own wedding.  The classic questions run through your head: 

Will I look back in 20 years and hate it? 

Will the room look to neutral with all white and greenery?

Will the colors not go with my dress? 

What if it looks too bland? 

What if the colors are just too much? 

I want my wedding to be fun but classic as well, how can I get both? 

Well, as much as we would love to tell you the perfect answer to this…..We dont’ have one.  But we can share some helpful tips to guide you in the right direction! 


1st- Sit down and decided weather what your base color is.  This doesn’t have to be a color you use in every single aspect of your wedding but just a general color that you can build on.  Our base color was navy.  


2nd- Decide if you want metallics.  Don’t be afraid to mix as well.  We mixed silver and gold because we just couldn’t choose between the two.  


3rd-  If you choose to incorporate metallics, decide if you want them to stand out or just accent the overall feel of the design.  For us we decided because we were mixing silver and gold we wanted them to just accent so that one didn’t overpower the other.  So for this we used them in places that weren’t over powering.  We used gold lettering throughout the wedding (placecards, table numbers etc)  We also the silver in our votives and they groomsmen suits were gray and the groom was in navy.   


4th-  To color or not to color? We went back and forth deciding if we wanted to add color to wedding floral.  Because the overall look of our venue and ceremony were very neutral tones (greens, white, creams) and our linens were all ivory we decided to add the color to give the room some life and dimension.  However, we did still use a lot of ivory and white in our wedding floral to streamline the whole design.  The color was more of a transition rather than a “pop’ of color.  We also used shades of the same color so that the floral just faded into the ivory and neutral tones and wasn’t a harsh contrast. 


Now if our room was very ornate and heavily detailed, We probably would have done more neutral tones not to compete with the unique elements of the room.  Also, neutral tones are very in right now so if you wanted that soft romantic neutral colors we would recommend doing all ivory and greenery floral and if you wanted to add some color you could choose a blush or shades of green to give the floral some texture and life.  


A good idea is to give your florist an overall look you are going for instead of specific flowers or colors.  This way we can help you create the mood and design that will bring your vision to life!

-Ashley's Floral 

Ashley Aponte