The Jump



At some point in your life you are faced with decisions, obstacles, and opportunities. When it is your time to choose or “make that jump” you may end up on your feet and become a total success or you might fall flat on your face. For those of you that took the jump and failed I am right there with you. Just because you fall doesn’t mean that you didn’t take steps in the right direction. It is important that you do not look at it as a failure, but as a learning experience. Maybe you needed to fall, you needed to struggle before you were able to be successful. If you were a success from the start maybe you would have lost it just as fast. For those that tend to have more falls then ups it is because your still learning and growing. I can guarantee you that when it becomes your time you will be able to handle any obstacle that comes your way. I have always been a true believer in the under dog and I still would bet all my money on them because they know how to face problems head on and will never let anything discourage them. I would love to tell you thatAshley’s Floral, LLC was a hit success from day 1, but I would be lying. We were faced with a obstacles already that took us out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we took the jump and everything worked but just as much we landed on our faces.  In those moments of failure we learned so much and today our business is so much better because we made those mistakes. We are very proud of what we accomplished thus far and look forward to jumps whether we land on our feet or fall flat on our face. If there is one thing Ashley’s Floral, LLC team wants you to take out of this blog is stand behind your “jump” if it does not work out brush your knees off and try again. It WILL be a success if you truly believe in it! 

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Benjamin O'Dell